Refresher Course for the LK Massage Programme Trainer 2023

Refresher Course for the LK Massage Programme Trainer 2023

(Zoom Lecture)
Course Code: RCLKMT23
Date: 1 Dec 2023 (Friday) / 18:00 - 21:00
Venue: Zoom Lecture
Fee: HKD600 (Member); HKD750 (Non-Member)
Deadline: 1 Dec 2023
Aim and Objectives :


To update current evidence on implementing and teaching the LK Massage Programme to pregnant women and their partners


  • To consolidate the information initially learnt by the midwife and give an update on new evidence underpinning the Programme and teaching it to couples.
  • To verbally review the LK Massage techniques and discuss what techniques and relevant points when teaching the Programme to couples.
  • To reinforce the self-massage and breathing techniques
  • To explore any difficulties in delivering the technique, for example – discomfort for the person performing massage
  • To reinforce ways to implement and teach the Programme to women and their partners.
  • To reinforce how best the couple can use the Programme during pregnancy and labour


Content :
Speaker : Linda Kimber, Director of Childbirth Essentials(UK); midwife and trained massage therapist
Medium : English
Target : Midwives who work with the LK Massage Programme in antenatal ward or in labour suite
CNE / PEM : PEM Point: 3 Points
Fee : HKD600 (Member); HKD750 (Non-Member)
Award : e-Attendance Certificate will be issued
Enquires : Tel: 2893 8800
Remarks :
  • Midwives who have attended the Basic course / Phase I Pregnancy to Birth Course / Trainers course
  • To enhance learning and interactive discussion, each participant is required to share her experience on using the LK massage programme on two women: